quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

Oh, Time!

Oh, Time!
Time which dries off my skin and weakens my bones.
Time which slows me down and embeds this weird wisdom in my eyes.
Oh, fucking time, cut me some slack!
For notwithstanding the scars in the very soul of mine
Neither my heart nor my mind have aged at all.
Please let me get away with my own flaws and I promise I’ll turn a blind eye to other people’s.
Allow me to provide my feeble existence with some meaning.
I’m still a toddler, almighty Time! There are so many knots I’ve got yet to untie.
Spare me from the ridicule of opening that door to a paradise only to make a bent and wrinkled appearance.
Be kind to me, Time, oh Time.

2 comentários:

Ana Carolina disse...

De quem é este texto? Achei lindo!

Antônio Moura disse...

Oi, Ana. Na verdade eu escrevi o texto. Que bom que vc curtiu. Beijão.